Weekend in Chicago

Most of you know last month in April I went to the Delight Retreat (To be blogged about soon!) and afterwords, I flew to Indiana to visit my dear friend Emily. During the weekend, we made a trip up to Chicago…And oh what a fun adventure it was. From the ride to and from (Taking the megabus was an adventure in itself), exploring the quirky neighbourhoods, seeing the touristy must sees, shopping the sales on Magnificent Mile, eating at great restaurants and cafes…Overall it was a great little trip up to the City. Most who know me know how much I love NYC, and I’ve been wanting to go back since I left…Well I’m going to have to add Chicago to the list of cities that have a place in my heart. I have fallen in love, and I can’t wait to come back again one day.

A list of a few places we were fans of:

Dollop Coffee Co
Stan’s Donuts
Lulu Belle’s Pancake House
Buzz Killer Espresso
Crosby’s Kitchen
The Purple Pig
Antique Taco


ChicagoTrip-1ChicagoTrip-2ChicagoTrip-3ChicagoTrip-4ChicagoTrip-5ChicagoTrip-6ChicagoTrip-7ChicagoTrip-8ChicagoTrip-9ChicagoTrip-10ChicagoTrip-11ChicagoTrip-12ChicagoTrip-13ChicagoTrip-14ChicagoTrip-15ChicagoTrip-16ChicagoTrip-17ChicagoTrip-18ChicagoTrip-19ChicagoTrip-20ChicagoTrip-21ChicagoTrip-22ChicagoTrip-23ChicagoTrip-24ChicagoTrip-25ChicagoTrip-26ChicagoTrip-27ChicagoTrip-28ChicagoTrip-29ChicagoTrip-30ChicagoTrip-31ChicagoTrip-32ChicagoTrip-33ChicagoTrip-34ChicagoTrip-35ChicagoTrip-36ChicagoTrip-37ChicagoTrip-38ChicagoTrip-39ChicagoTrip-40ChicagoTrip-41ChicagoTrip-42ChicagoTrip-43ChicagoTrip-44ChicagoTrip-45ChicagoTrip-46ChicagoTrip-47ChicagoTrip-48ChicagoTrip-49ChicagoTrip-50ChicagoTrip-51ChicagoTrip-52ChicagoTrip-53ChicagoTrip-54ChicagoTrip-55ChicagoTrip-56ChicagoTrip-57ChicagoTrip-58ChicagoTrip-59Annnd because yes I am this much of a dork: Me in front of the bean. Photo thanks to Emily.infrontofdabeanChicagoTrip-60ChicagoTrip-61